Friday, August 22, 2014

CPAC Soccer Game

I was finally able to attend a soccer game and watch Kathryn play. It was so much fun to watch Kathryn and the other girls play so aggressively. They have completely dominated the first two games, outscoring their opponents 9-1. I was surprised on how big the pitch was. Those girls were running! Kathryn is playing on a U-11 team. About half the girls are playing up from younger age groups because our club is brand new and just starting out. Watching the younger girls play tough on (sometimes much) bigger girls was inspiring. 

The team's coach, Ian Hill, is really quite different from other youth sports coaches. He coaches with Love. Sounds corny, right? It's not touchy-feely namby-pamby stuff. He is teaching the girls accountability to your teammates, coaches, and parents because you love them. He makes them run at practice until its uncomfortable (maybe even some tears) because he wants them to know what it feels like in a game to keep going when you think you can't run anymore. 

After each game and practice there is a 15-20 minute talk when each girl is praised with specifics from that game and then the girls have an opportunity to speak of the positive things they saw from their teammates. The girls have already formed a really tight bond after only a few weeks. It relates to a teamwork during the games that just blows the other teams away. 

Parents have also been coached. He is very strict about parents "coaching" from the sidelines. We are given instructions on how to cheer on the girls without interfering with his instructions. Before the game and scrimmages, we are reminded of how cheering has a psychological effect on the players, and they play harder and better when the cheering is enthusiastic. 
Before the game


No way, Girl. You will be SMOTHERED.

Coming in

Midfield Attacker sounds so cool

Here comes the cross pass. I got so excited I stopped taking pictures. A hard shot and an amazing save. Next time Katie.

Winning the ball is a constant coaching point. The girls were so strong against the All Blonde Swedish Amazon team

A pass to Haley for a score!

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