Saturday, May 21, 2011


I am finally done with the didactic portion of school, so I took a mind clearing walk-about through Oregon and Washington states with the added goal of looking for a possible post graduation home base

I started out Friday and got to Palouse Falls in Southeast Washington. It is not as near Palouse as I thought. I met some fellow photogs here and they talked me into going to Walla Walla one day early to watch the sunrise hot air balloon launch. Unfortunately, thunderstorms prevented the launch, so bad choice.

Palouse Falls, WA. Tyler Bradt from Missoula had the world record kayak plunge (186 feet) after going over these falls.

After Walla Walla, I went to Hood River, OR for a couple of days but didn't take many pictures because it was pouring rain. I know there are a few pictures somewhere on a SD card, but they will have to be found when I am not brain dead from my trip. I was in the Columbia Gorge for 2 1/2 days and never saw Mt. Hood or Mt. Adams. I will return. My next destination was the Oregon Coast. I went to Tillamook first, but is was still raining so I headed up to Cannon Beach, OR.
Barnacle Muffin Top with a side of star fish. Cannon Beach, OR

Some famous landmark. I forget what it is called. I guess this was an unusually low tide. Cannon Beach, OR

Tide pool rocks at first light. Cannon Beach, OR. 

This little barn was the last thing I photographed on my tour. It was just south of Spokane out in the middle of nowhere. I had no idea how fertile Eastern Washington was. Mile after mile of fields, with very few irrigation contraptions. 

Palouse Barn on a nice morning. Lotah, WA.

 All in all, I had a real good trip. It wasn't "relaxing" per se. Up before dawn most days shooting sunrise, then checking out the local scene for future living, then shooting sunsets and getting in bed around midnight. I am pretty excited the photography and the home search. My goal for the artistic part of me was to come away with a few photos that were really good. I think I've got 'em and I'll be putting them up here as I get them saved and converted to JPEG. I haven't even loaded them onto the desktop computer and I'm really anxious to see if they look as good on the computer as they do on the two inch screen on the back of my camera. I really tried to slow down and take pictures that wouldn't need Photoshop to be interesting.
On the other front, I also was able to confirm the suitability of some cities we've thought about, rule out quite a few that we've been considering, and found some new ones that weren't even on our radar. 

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  1. Your photos are amazing! Wouldn't it be funny if you moved to Washington now that we don't live there? No, not really that funny.